How to hold a gaming mouse in 2023, The Best Ways!

I was standing in line at the grocery store, when I overheard a conversation about how to hold a gaming mouse and it led me to think about why my preference is different.

My friends will say that I play too much video games and so this change in grip is just from being lazy or wanting to be more comfortable. But sitting with your hand palm down on the desk for hours doesn’t seem right either! So instead of fighting them, let’s address this question together: what is the best way to hold a gaming mouse?

General approach about how to hold a gaming mouse

To start off, you want your thumb gripping onto the button on top while your other fingers wrap around it. The pad should rest comfortably against your middle finger as well as part of your ring.

Gaming mice are different from regular computer mice in that they have more buttons and features designed for gamers. I’ll show you how to hold a gaming mouse so that your grip is optimized and your hand doesn’t cramp up too quickly!

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Step by step guide about how to hold a gaming mouse

It seems like something simple- just grab the thing with both hands right? Wrong! You want to make sure that when using a wireless or wired mouse, each hand has its own part of the device. To be specific step by step approach is:

  1. Be sure to have a good grip on the mouse;
  2. Place your hand over the entire top of the mouse, not just one side;
  3. Keep your other hand on the right or left side of the keyboard for support;
  4. You can also place your hands under each arm so that they are in front of you and use them as a guide for moving and clicking with your mouse;
  5. Remember, it’s all about comfort! Pick whichever method is best for you!
  6. If you need more support while using a gaming mouse, try positioning it at an angle (so that it rests against both palms) rather than flat on its back like most mice;
  7. Try taking breaks every 30 minutes during long gaming sessions to stretch out fingers and wrists (especially if they’re sore!) – this will help prevent injury from repetitive motions;
  8. If possible, get up and walk around periodically to give muscles time to rest before continuing gameplay; take care not to let yourself become too tired! This will also help avoid health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome which could be caused by excessive game playing without regular breaks; and
  9. Take care if using any type of heating pad.

Types of mouse grips

  • Palm grip
  • Fingertip grip
  • Claw grip

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Palm grip

The palm grip is one of the most popular grips for a mouse. The user’s hand and fingers wrap around this type of mouse, which makes it easier to use than other types. This can be helpful when playing games or doing graphic design work because the user has more control over where he moves onscreen.

There are two types of palm grip mice:

  • ergonomic; and
  • non-ergonomic (or symmetrical).

Ergonomic mice allow users to keep their arms at a 90 degree angle; while non-ergonomics require the arm to curve in order for the palm to rest on top of them comfortably.

It is important that you know what your needs are before purchasing a mouse, as some may not be suited for you.

Fingertip grip

“The Fingertip-grip of a mouse is the natural way to hold it. It provides a better grip then the palm grip and also saves your wrist from twisting.”

“The hands are positioned in such a way that all fingers are on one side of the mouse, enabling fast swipes across the surface.” “This type of grip reduces strain on wrists, elbows and shoulders because your arm can stay in its natural position.”

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Claw grip

The claw grip of a mouse is the most common way to hold a computer mouse. In this position, your thumb and index finger are gripping the two buttons on either side of the scroll wheel. This grip offers you precision when clicking or dragging with one hand while keeping your other fingers free for other tasks.

There are three other types of grips for holding a mouse namely finger grip (also called full hand or tripod), four finger grip (also called palm) and two finger grip.

However, most people prefer to use a palm grip of holding a mouse.


A lot of people who use a mouse for long periods of time will find that their hand is sore and sometimes cramping. They do not have a good idea about how to hold a gaming mouse. This can be from the repetitive motion, or just bad ergonomics (bad posture). The first thing to do if you want to avoid this problem is by making sure your desk setup has a good ergonomic design.

Your keyboard should be at elbow height with enough room on either side so it doesn’t feel cramped when typing. You also need an armrest for your right arm while using the mouse. If all these things are in place but you still experience pain then there may be some other underlying issue, like carpal tunnel syndrome which requires medical attention from a doctor before any home remedies can work properly.

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