What kind of mouse does Ninja use

Who is ninja?

Ninja is one of the finest Fortnite Battle Royale players on the planet, so What kind of mouse does Ninja use? A gaming mouse often has a number of advantages over a standard mouse, including higher precision, a better design for prolonged gaming sessions, and faster response times.

Not to add, having a gaming mouse for a game like Fortnite is essential for keybindings when you get into those heated build battles. Let’s have a look at the gaming mouse that Ninja, a professional gamer, uses.

Gaming mouse setup by Ninja

Since Ninja became a renowned Fortnite Streamer, other gamers have been curious as to what kind of technology he uses. What gaming mouse is Ninja using as one of the pieces? A gaming mouse is one piece of the puzzle for having an ultimate competitive setup and that along with a keyboard and monitor can make huge differences in your gaming experience.

So what mouse is Ninja using whilst playing Fortnite? Ninja currently uses the:

The Air58 Cherry Blossom Red Gaming Mouse is Ninja’s sponsored branded mouse that he uses. The mouse was totally sold out when it was originally revealed, and it was unavailable for months. The Air58 is billed as the “ideal esports gaming mouse,” weighing in at just under 58 grams for a featherweight feel. The mouse has a hexagonal design in a cool cherry blossom color, and each final mouse comes with a Haiku etched on the mouse wheel: “Hand-painted and engraved Individualized Haiku Scrolls on every mouse.”

Because a wireless mouse can suffer from lag, the mouse is corded, which is vital for reaction times. It features the notorious Phantomcord, which keeps the mouse cord from becoming tangled with other devices.

“You can anticipate the same industry-standard performance from the Ultralight Pro and Phantom. Across the board, the sensor and input latency are still the best in class.”

Final thoughts

Have you utilized a nice gaming mouse that you’d like to share with us? Ninja may have swapped up his mouse for something else. Please let us know in the comments and we’ll look into it!

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